Date for your diary :  BikeWise Easter Egg Run 2013 Sunday 31st March

The Durham Constabulary Easter Egg Run will be held on Easter Sunday 31st March 2013.

The BikeWise Easter Egg Run, which was first ran in March 2005, has become a well established event on the local biking calendar – giving local riders the opportunity at the beginning of the riding ‘season’ to get their bikes out of the garage and take part in a an event which promotes motorcycling to the general public and shows the special ‘friendship’ of the biking community in the North East, brought together under the ‘BikeWise’ banner.

It costs you nothing to join in the run; however we will be collecting donations of Easter Eggs, Toys or Cash for on the morning for local Charities.
We will muster at the Carville Park and Ride, (Junction 62 of the A1(M) and A690 roads at Durham) , where registration will start at 0845hrs. There will be a burger van serving hot drinks & food however it will close its doors before 0930hrs!

The run will depart at approx.0930hrs and travel to Darlington Memorial Hospital, then onto University Hospital North Durham, ending at Durham Police Headquarters.

While on the run we will briefly stop at both Hospitals to deliver some Easter Eggs/Toys to the Children’s Wards.

Once the run has finished at Police HQ there will be a small ‘road show’ which gives you the opportunity to find out what has happened and what is going to happen in the BikeWise ‘world’ and the chance to speak with the BikeWise ‘team’ about biking issues with free Tea/Coffee and biscuits on offer.

We look forward to seeing you on Easter Sunday.

You can save some time by pre-registering online! (CLICK HERE)

Rules and Regulations
The run is police escorted and we ask that you adhere to our top tips…

Riding in a group doesn’t require special skills, but you do need to remember a few points to ensure you have an enjoyable as well as safe ride.

1. Keep your distance but don’t allow big gaps to develop! Sounds contradictory, but bunching up reduces your visibility as well as giving you less time to react to anything that happens. Stagger so you’re not riding in each others wheels tracks – the first rider keeps to the right side of the lane, and the next rider rides on the left two bike lengths back, and so on.

2. Keep it smooth. Don’t brake or accelerate hard – if you do the rider behind is likely to do the same, starting a chain reaction.

3. There will be a police vehicle at the front and rear of the convoy, police motorcycles and marshals will be controlling the junctions.

4. Stay in formation. If someone pulls over, by all means overtake, but pulling out and overtaking the group achieves nothing.

5. Showing off is a big no-no. Some finding it tempting to demonstrate their god-like skill with wheelies, skids and any number of other manoeuvres with a massive audience, but the truth is most people won’t be impressed especially the police officers present!

6. Your machine must be capable of keeping up with the convoy. Low powered machines may not be suitable. In the event that you can’t keep up the back car will have no option but to overtake and you will fall out of the convoy.

Whilst you are being escorted you remain responsible for your own actions, you remain on public roads and equally remain accountable for your actions, you need to maintain all your normal observational skills and react accordingly.

You can now download the 2013 Poster to print off by CLICKING HERE, or email /facebook /twitter it to your friends.

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