2014 : Cancelled

EER---Thank-You2014 marks a challenging new year for the bike sections of Durham Constabulary and Cleveland Police as our respective forces continue to face budget cuts and look to maintain front line policing services.

The sections are part of the Cleveland and Durham Specialist Operation Unit and a comprehensive review of our work was undertaken last year which reported back to the executive teams of both forces.

The work was clearly valued as both forces recognised the importance of the teams and wished to retain a full time motorcycle capability, nevertheless in these difficult financial times the decision was made that five officers would be cut leaving a full time team of one sergeant and eight constables split between Spennymoor and Wynyard.

This clearly brings with it certain challenges, a need to re-focus upon our priorities and to be realistic about what we can and can't do with significantly fewer resources and a host of demands on the horizon.

In view of this we've taken the difficult decision that we will no longer be arranging the traditional Easter Egg Run.

Whatever we do however children will still be in hospital over the Easter holiday period, as such we will use money donated by you at BikeWise to buy Easter Eggs that we will deliver before Easter to the children's wards at Darlington Memorial Hospital and the University Hospital of North Durham.

On behalf of my team I would like to thank you for all your support and generosity at Easter Egg Runs in the past.

Over the years we have delivered hundreds of your donated eggs, you have raised thousands of pounds in support of the Meningitis Research Foundation and have acted as positive ambassadors for motorcycling more generally.

Sgt Iain Rodgers